Frequently Asked Questions

What can be recycled and what needs to go into general waste?
Please visit Sustainable Campus : Recycling & Waste for the latest updated information on what you can place in each bin.

I can’t select the date I need the bins, can I still get bins on that date
Unfortunately, if the date cannot be selected all available bins of that type are booked out.  There is a generous number of bins made available, 60 general waste and 60 recycling bins.

Why is there a cost for temporary general waste and recycling bins?
The University currently provides a means of waste disposal through its permanent bins deployed both in buildings and around the grounds.  These bins are offered in addition to the standard service and the demand for them has increased, requiring the need to recoup the cost of labour to deliver, collect, and service these bins.

Can I still request 660L general waste and recycling bins?
660L bins are no longer being made available for bookings as they were not being properly utilised and often 240L bins would have been sufficient.  If you have a special requirement for a 660L bin, please contact us.